3rd: John Green - 33 pts c/b

2nd: Vince Nicholls: 35 pts


1st: B. Hilton, B. Dobbs & K. Zaman: 127 pts

Results - Thurs. Jan 20th

A very low turnout, owing to the mass exodus of members wishing to attend Peter Ince’s funeral. Your author among them. So am unable to comment on proceedings this time.

Nearest-the-Pin was won by Vince Nicholls. Not sure which hole.

Sorry about the lateness of publishing, due to technical issues.

Next week’s format is a Stableford Waltz. Teams of three. Hole 1 best score counts, hole 2 - best two scores count, and hole 3 all three scores count. Then continue in that fashion, this reotation repeating. Hence 1-2-3. Or check out on the Formats page.

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