President : Bob Spillane

Captain : Tony Jones

Vice Captain : Brian Vickers

Immediate Past Captain : John Rampling

Secretary : David Long

Treasurer : Niall Maxwell

Competition Secretary : John Rampling

Match Secretary : Trevor Harvey

Social Secretary : Paul Braithwaite

Almoner : Jim Connor

NEXT WEEK’S DRAW: email John Rampling, by 8pm Tuesday evening, if you wish to be included in the draw. The draw will be published here from Wednesday. The game will be a Stableford Rumble for those not at Weald of Kent. We are going to try to put some financial incentive back into the games, so bring a couple of pounds with you to drop into the pot. Winners will be paid out when next seen.

CONGRATULATIONS: To Paul Braithwaite on winning this year’s Seniors’ Championship. Also to John Rampling on nicking the Eclectic by means most foul! No seriously John, well done.

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