President : Bob Spillane

Captain : Brian Vickers

Vice Captain Elect : John Green

Immediate Past Captain : Braith

Secretary : David Long

Treasurer : Niall Maxwell

Competition Secretary : John Rampling

Match Secretary : Trevor Harvey

Social Secretary : Paul Braithwaite

Almoner : Jim Connor

CALL TO ARMS: Troops required for match against Reigate Hill, at home, on July 22.  Enlist with Trevor.

NEXT WEEK’S DRAW: email John Rampling, by 8pm Monday evening, if you wish to be included in the draw. Format is a Stableford Rumble. This week’s Medal has been rescheduled for Thurs July 1st. (Just spotted that it’ll be two weeks of Medal on the bounce. Apologies!)

ALL BACK ON THE BUS: With Boris applying the brake pedal on lifting restrictions, the AGM has provisionally been postponed until Sept 30th. The Summer Presidents’ Day Dinner has been cancelled altogether.

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