President : Bob Spillane

Captain : Brian Vickers

Vice Captain Elect : John Green

Immediate Past Captain : Braith

Secretary : David Long

Treasurer : Niall Maxwell

Competition Secretary : John Rampling

Match Secretary : Trevor Harvey

Social Secretary : Paul Braithwaite

Almoner : Jim Connor

NEXT WEEK’S GAME: Will be a roll-up start. Simply stroll up, before 7.50am to book in for a game. Late arrivals may well get refused a game, as Tony doesn’t have the time to mess about trying to squeeze you in. If you find yourself stuck in traffic, or suchlike, then give him a ring, and he can put you into a late slot. Format will be a Canadian Greensomes.

CAPTAIN’S AWAYDAY: was won by David Jones, who, although it was failed to be mentioned at the time, is awarded the Seven Springs Cup. Congratulations. Runners-up were Niall Maxwell and David Athawes. It was great to see some old faces from the past. Let’s hope we can meet again sometime.

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