President : Bob Spillane

Captain : John Green

Vice Captain  : James Rothwell

Immediate Past Captain : Brian Vickers

Secretary : David Long

Treasurer : Niall Maxwell

Competition Secretary : John Rampling

Match Secretary : Trevor Harvey

Social Secretary : David Watts

Almoner : Jim Connor

MATCH SECRETARY: Trevor Harvey has given notice that he will not be standing for the position of Match Secretary next year. Hence, we need someone to stand up to the plate. Remember, one volunteer is worth ten pressed men! It’s not an onerous task. See HERE for a job description. Then let yourself be known.

EXTRAVAGANZA LUNCHEON: Thurs Dec. 8th, 12.30pm for 1pm sit-down. Cost: £35 per person. Please ensure payment made if you haven’t already. Any prizes for the raffle, please hand to any committee member. Dress code for the gentlemen is jacket and Seniors’ tie.


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