President : Bob Spillane

Captain : Brian Vickers

Vice Captain  : John Green

Immediate Past Captain : Braith

Secretary : David Long

Treasurer : Niall Maxwell

Competition Secretary : John Rampling

Match Secretary : Trevor Harvey

Social Secretary : David Watts

Almoner : Jim Connor

WINTER RULES: are now in play. Pick, clean and replace within six inches, no nearer the hole, on all fairways, and the close-mown areas surrounding the greens ONLY!

SPRING/AUTUMN WINNER: is Tony Haylock, with an impressive 74 points. Runner-up is Jon Allen with 68. Well done, they should be! But seriously, congratulations.

LADIES’ MATCH next Tuesday, 19th Oct. Aim to arrive from 8.30 onwards, for a 9.30 first tee start. Cost will be £9.

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