GAME FORMATS aggstab1.pdf americanfours1.pdf betterballstab.pdf fiveclub.pdf canadiangreens.pdf dovetail.pdf texasscram-amb1019.pdf texasscram-del.pdf yellowball.pdf greensomes.pdf foursomes.pdf pairs scramb stab.pdf stablecrossV5.pdf stabrumble.pdf stabwaltz.pdf compdetails2020.pdf eclectic2016.pdf fmtplayoffs.pdf presidentscup.pdf springautcup.pdf superseniors.pdf

BACK NINE COUNTBACKS: In the event of a countback, Holes 10-18 are deemed to be the back nine, regardless of starting hole.

If less than 25% complete a round, the prize money will be returned to the players (or donated to the Captain’s Charity if the players so wish).

Competition Secretary

2nd October 2010

With inception of WHS, all format rules have been updated, as of 19/11/20.

All handicap allowances are mandatory.

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